Good Roots Run Deep


I was shocked to learn the true history of Greenville after hearing my father (David Hoffman Sr.) tell me of what he remembers growing up as a child in Jersey City.

Central to his memory as a child (and mine as a child as well) was the memory of Greenville being a focus for business.

I remember the first time I asked my father “…so what’s this Greenville stuff all about?”.  Boy, did he light up.  There was a spark in his eye, and he began to energetically recount all the peoples lives he encountered, the history, and what became of them and their families.  I was too entertained and fascinated to interrupt him.  I still didn’t get the answer to my question.  Perhaps I didn’t ask it right.  When he paused for a cigarette break I took a shot and asked him another way. What I really wanted to know was, “WHERE exactly is Greenville?”.

“YOU’RE IN IT!”, he proclaimed.  “THIS IS GREENVILLE!”

Here’s a map I’m sharing with other people out these who might have had the same question.

Map of Greenville Boundaries in Jersey City Retail Zone

Map of Greenville Boundaries

I learned from this article in the New York Times that on May 13, 1881, Greenville was a wealthy suburb of New York.  New York was seen as the place were the laborers were, and Greenville was where wealthy business owners built homes for their families.  I was amazed to learn that Greenville had such prominent roots.

Back then, the residents of Greenville were facing transportation issues. Train fares were unusually high, and residents saw this as an injustice.  Today, Greenville is still serve by a train, as well as a variety of other transportation options. You can see what today’s train service to the area is like – just check out the video below.

Hearing about all the lives of the people who lived there is something I enjoy.  Like my father always tells me, “….after I’m gone Son, there’ll be no one who can tell you what it was like.”

The more I hear him tell me, the more energized, and proud I am that my family IS a part of the town’s history.  If you were born, or raised in Jersey City, than your family is a part of history too. WE are a part of history.  WE ARE FAMILY!

With the viewpoint in mind, I can see why some people have a renewed focus on rebuilding the area.


Isn’t it clear to see why?  Given the history of the community, that I am now educated about – How Can I Want To Advocate Selling?  I rather build, and improve upon the legacy of our forefathers.  I’d rather take what they did, and go farther, MUCH FARTHER!

But, alas, I have to face reality.  I would much rather see my Father enjoy himself, and do what he enjoys with whatever time God has left for him.

The odd thing is that I think that he is ‘POWERED BY CHALLENGE’!  He needs something to overcome, in order to keep going.  He is not content just sitting on his hands, doing nothing.  He’s always going – always building, fixing, growing something, moving forward, Moving Enterprise forward.  That’s what I meant in another post that I made when I said “All Eyes On Me” in reference to Martin Luther King Drive and the grand opening of Martin’s Place.  I was subliminally trying to say, “All Eyes On Moving Enterprise” forward!  Given Greenville roots as the home of wealthy business owners, I thought this appropriate for the moment.

Martin’s Place is first and foremost dedicated to ‘Returning Citizens’ and giving people second chances. In short, Martin’s Place is dedicated to rebuilding people.  That’s a great first step.

Particularly when you consider that the Greenville area has a history of crime, as drug dealers fight for control of territory on Greenville’s streets. What they may not realize is that their is a battle of a different kind going on.  I think the powers that be have decided they want Greenville back.  I see the millions of dollars being spent.  I’ve done the numbers, and see the tax revenue that could be re-captured if the drug dealing and crime are driven out.  The gross revenue is in the Billions!  I think I can see the outcome of this scenario between the powers that be, and those who are staking out their territory for nefarious purposes.

Despite the area’s crime reputation, Greenville has one of the highest ‘Walk Scores’ in the country frequently in the top 20% of all scores nationwide.

46 Martin Luther King Junior Drive

Very Walkable

Greenville is the 9th most walkable neighborhood in Jersey City.

Find Greenville apartments on Walk Score

When you consider the ‘Walk Score’ in other words ‘accessibility’ that the nearby consumers have to a potential business locating in the Greenville area, choosing to locate your business in Greenville could be a wise move.

There are approximately 42,900 consumers in Greenville. The community has 4 way access to a multi-cultural consumer base composed of a majority African-American base, with Hispanic, White & Asian groups sharing the remaining distribution group. You can access more information above Greenville HERE.

With median income of $54,900 and low rents, there’s a higher amount of disposable income available among wage earners.

Doesn’t this sound like the perfect area to relocate or establish your RETAIL BUSINESS?

Our property located at 46 – 48 Martin Luther King Drive we believe might be the idea perfect location for your retail business. Again, I’ll say, that I’d prefer to retain ownership of the property indefinitely.  But, perhaps we could reach an amicable arrangement where everybody wins.  We’re willing to work with you.  My father and I would like to see this property utilized in a way that is the highest and best use to the Greenville community.  We love to welcome you to the community, and share support with you the way that the community has supported every use of the building in the past.

If you’d like to talk with us more about the exciting opportunities available to you, just use the form below and we’ll contact you soon. After all, GOOD ROOTS RUN DEEP!


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